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October 01, 2002

effervescent rush

It was an ispirational day, at least in most aspects. My design class met as a whole on half of the classes sites so we could all see the completed projects, I hadn't realized how little I knew about each project, since we were all spending so much time at out sites, alone, without influence from each other in the studio. An Instrument for Understanding. I saw a tool for tide collection, that consisted of four windows suspended at different horizontal heights that would submerge as the tide came in, and collect different specimen off the beach as the tide went down. I stood on a 3ft. x 8ft. floating raft used to disguise and magnify the coast. I was enthralled by a movie of light cast from the canopy of devil's milhopper, there were 24 mirrors(as in 24 hours) that were each meticulously placed to reflect a condition of light onto a thin canvas that swayed in the wind, I was particularly amazed with this one because of it's ability to give light a third dimension, or at least to articulate the third dimension of light for me. I think my favorite was Lauren Daly's, she created a series of panels, seven in all, that extend from the solid, dry upper portion of the site down to the water's edge. The first four panels, farthest from the water, and as you approach the instrument, are static and positioned such that your view would be focused out onto the water and in the direction of "The Point" of palm point park, but as you move down the line, the last three panels are built like a gate, they are able to swing about 15 degrees off the center line and adjust according to the direction of the wind. It is really fun to think about how you start out trying to understand a view, seeing what someone else has put upon you, then by the same technique, the same materials and construction you are given the view, as selected by the site, changing from time to time, but still controlled.


These are not very good pictures of it, and they don't even give you a decent general idea of what is going on, at best you can see what one of the moveable panels looks like, and to the right of the first picture, you can see the author.

Posted by tbartels at October 1, 2002 01:16 AM