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November 19, 2002


Just a few good reads from do©.



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November 15, 2002

render farm

I am learning Lightscape, it is suprisingly easy, well, so far at least. They say that the difficult part of rendering is the materials, getting the scales and proportions to come out right, I will start dealing with that soon, but for now, here is my first Lightscape render.


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November 14, 2002


I made a few more, and now I need to put them together and generate something with them...this is taking me way too long....ugh(these don't work in IE yet!!!)

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November 13, 2002

and now

I am working on an idea about how to develop a certain area on my site, how to get something onto a specific spot, what specific spot, what on that spot....what does it have to do with....zones. Nope, I know now that this isn't doing what I want it to, but this is it. I am looking at the zones of my site, the way that putting a series of zones next to each other creates a movement, or a trajectory, the ability of the adjacency of zones to create motion. I want to use that motion do define place and form. Now is just have to figure out what to do with it exacly. More soon.

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November 09, 2002


A recent project for my Environmental Technology class required the construction of a lamp. A full scale, wired and working lamp. I built a pretty simple lamp powered by a flourescent bulb and built to take advantage of the two extremes of lighting, direct light and indirect light. The lamp has an operable deflector that can be rotated from top to bottom to reflect light downward onto a surface or upward onto the ceiling.


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November 04, 2002

can't say

Have you ever felt...

like you are in the wrong place.
like you are doing the wrong thing.
that if you stopped, you would miss out.
unable to grasp the obvious.
like you can't wait.
like what you have isn't for the things you see.

I seem to have an overwhelming desire to do something, but it feels like everytime I "do" it doesn't come out anywhere near what I need to have done.

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