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July 16, 2004

Multiple Uses For Found Objects Make for A Great Read.

When I was in school at UF for Architecture we -- my fellow students and I -- were encouraged many times by professors to use found objects as inspirational pieces in architectural projects ranging from a cube to a police precinct. It became a pretty familiar idea for me, a found object as a catalyst for an art piece, design or writing project. After all, stoking the furnace of imagination is always best left to ambiguity...right?

I recently came across a magazine dedicated to the idea of found objects, it is ominously called "FOUND Magazine." The magazine seems to have a more voyeuristic approach to it's intent, and most of the objects are focused on collecting a piece of someone else's life. Many of objects are actual photographs or notes and letters by anonymous persons. After reading through many of the online samples I started noticing that I wasn't nearly as intrigued by the actual notes and photos as much as I was by the "finder." I found myself wondering about the person that found each object, what they are like, what made them think that this item was interesting enough to pick it up and mail it in to a magazine. Were they just that curious, that they felt they needed to keep someone else's moment, or did it inspire in them a great story, something myths are made of, and hope that someone else might appreciate the object in the same way? They say "A picture is worth a thousand words." but if it isn't your picture, is it worth more?

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